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Clean Water for LIFE

DIScover the thechnology behind aquasiv

AQUASIV's Modular Filtration System

A Revolution in Water Filtration

AQUASIV introduces a groundbreaking modular water filtration system designed to redefine your water purification experience. It combines three distinct filter modules to provide unmatched flexibility and adaptability. Explore how this technology works to ensure clean, safe water in a variety of scenarios.

Modular Filtration: The Heart of AQUASIV

AQUASIV's core innovation lies in its modular filtration system, which seamlessly integrates three essential filter modules. This includes two advanced hollow fiber membrane (HFM) filters, available in 0.1-micron and 0.02-micron variants, and a granulated activated carbon (GAC) filter. With this technology, AQUASIV excels at delivering high flow rates, making it suitable for both personal hydration and large-volume needs.

Adaptable Filtration for All Environments

AQUASIV's Universal Fit

QUASIV's modular filtration system is the embodiment of adaptability. Whether you're camping, hiking, or responding to disaster relief, AQUASIV is your versatile water companion. It's designed to cater to a multitude of environments and water sources, ensuring you have access to clean water when you need it most.

Chemical Contaminant Elimination

AQUASIV's granulated activated carbon (GAC) filter tackles chemical contaminants head-on. It not only ensures the removal of unwanted chemicals but also enhances the taste of your water. With AQUASIV, you get not only safety but great-tasting hydration

Biological Contaminant Shield

AQUASIV's advanced HFM filters are your shield against biological contaminants. From bacteria to viruses, our filters remove them all, guaranteeing the purity of the water you consume. You can trust AQUASIV to provide clean and safe hydration, no matter where your adventures take you.

Diverse Filtration Methods

AQUASIV's adaptability extends to filtration methods. Whether you prefer squeezing, using gravity, or employing suction, AQUASIV is there to provide clean water with ease. You can also connect it to pressurized plumbing systems for a boost in flow rate. It's your water, filtered your way with AQUASIV


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