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Empowering Change Through Clean Water

AQUASIV is on a mission to make clean water accessible to everyone. Founded by Daniel Beams, an anthropologist, a community development specialist, and a clean water advocate.

We are committed to providing affordable and adaptable water filter systems for the recreational and developing world market.

Our filters are designed to remove bacteria, protozoa, and cysts to ensure safe drinking water for all.


People lack access 

to safe drinking water 

around the world


Water filters placed 

in rural communities 

by Daniel Beams 

through his NGO Agua Yaku

Our Campaign Success by the Numbers

We're proud to share that we've achieved tremendous success on Kickstarter, making AQUASIV a household name for water filtration solutions.
Visit our Kickstarter campaign page to learn more.

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Explore our range of AQUASIV kits

Tailored to different needs. 
Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a traveler, or looking for a solution for daily home use, we have a kit for you.AQUASIV kits are designed for hikers, campers, backpackers, international travelers, and anyone who values clean water

Designed to meet the demands of hikers, campers, and backpackers, 

providing clean and safe drinking water wherever you go.


Features an adaptable filtration system with an HFM  filter and a GAC filter module, allowing users to customize their filtration process according to their specific needs.


Your reliable companion for clean, safe water, whether you're outdoors or at home.


Our Story

At Aquasiv, our story is one of dedication, innovation, and a commitment to transforming lives through pure and accessible water. Our journey began with a simple yet profound vision: to provide everyone with the gift of clean, safe, and refreshing water.

Person/Vehicle Detection
Founding Inspiration

Sparked by witnessing community struggles, and born from a vision for change, AQUASIV is committed to providing equitable access to clean water for everyone on the planet.

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Our Mission and Values

Empowering global health and wellbeing through clean water. Innovation, Sustainability, quality, and accessibility.

Flexible and Secure Storage

Global Impact

A goal to Provide access to clean safe drinking water for disaster relief, emergency preparedness, and in underserved communities in the developing world

2K 4MP Super HD

Our Journey and Vision

Sharing in stories of resilience and hope, AQUASIV is shaping a future where everyone can have equitable access to safe clean drinking water.

Steadfast & Reliable

Why Choose AQUASIV?

AQUASIV is more than just a water filter. When you choose AQUASIV, you're supporting our mission to bring clean water to those in need. Our filters are highly efficient and easy to use, making them suitable for families, travelers, and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Efficiency
    AQUASIV filters effectively remove bacteria, protozoa, and cysts, ensuring the safety of your water
  • Versatility
    Our kits cater to different needs, from daily home use to outdoor adventures and international travel
  • Impact
    With each AQUASIV kit sold, we donate a filter to a family in need, making a real difference in the world

Enjoy Pure Water On the Go

With the AQUASIV Reusable Water Bottle and its built-in filter, you can have clean, refreshing water wherever you are.

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